Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fashion Week Schedule...

New Beginnings...

Years ago, dating back to grade school, I decided that I wanted to live in New York City. I also decided that one thing I wanted to accomplish when I grew up was to photograph Fashion Week. To keep it fresh, I began clipping runway photos out of magazines and pasting them in a book to remind me every day of how much I wanted to be there. The clippings eventually stopped, but the dream stuck clear in my mind.

Fast forward to present day...

Yesterday, I moved to New York City. In two days I will be attending Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Bryant Park as an intern to Fashion/Celeb Photographer Jennifer Graylock.

I can name numerous events over the past year that have led to me being in the position that I am now. It's almost as if the universe was fed up with me procrastinating and finally said "will you just go already!". To the point where it was very difficult for me to continue making excuses...I had no more.

I have decided to begin a blog to document my fresh start and new adventures in New York City. Today marks my first full day of living in NYC, I found it only appropriate that my first blog post coincides.

Check back for mindless ramblings, life changes, and fresh photos!

"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen." - Ralph Waldo Emerson