Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Approximately 3 hours was spent working from El Beit on Bedford today. Making phonecalls, scheduling meetings, research etc.

A steady stream of stylish hipsters on the sidewalk sporting their latest spring fashions, creative energy abound, and warm sun beams on my face...it was all quite enjoyable.

Working as a photo rep and living with a roommate who is a photographer, makes doing my job from home a touch complex at times...as far as privacy and confidentiality.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Topshop NYC

Topshop officially opens on Thursday. Bout damn time...my spring attire is lacking at the moment.

One should expect quite the fiasco...complimentary pampering, DJs, giveaways, sweets etc.

Check the Topshop site for more info!

The Range

Met this guy at last year's American Photo gala, he was one of the many chosen ones and has an opening coming up in Williamsburg.

Thursday, April 9th 7-11pm
Oulu (N.4th btwn Bedford and Driggs)

Drinks, Music, Art and Atmosphere provided by Oulu and The Range.
DJ sets with August Goulet, after party with DJ Jedi

Monday, March 23, 2009

Rename this blog!

Taking suggestions for a new blog title. It came to my attention that after surviving your first year in New York City, one should no longer be considered "in training"...at least in my case.

This week...

In addition to the CJA Mixer on tonight, my Birthday celebration on Wednesday, Adhesive on Thursday, and the AIPAD Photo show...

My Mpls homeboy Will is coming into town!!

Will is an electrical engineer...likes ramen, booze, his wii, and has impeccable taste in music.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

That time of the year again...

Annual AIPAD Photo Show

March 26th-29th, 11-7pm
Park Avenue Armory
$25 single day, $40 run of show

If you a are a lover of some of the best of the best in fine art photography, it's definitely worth a look see.


Thursday, March 26th
6:30 - til the cows come home

Sin Sin
248 E. 5th St. (at 2nd Ave)
New York, NY 10002

Monday, March 16, 2009

Birthday at Bembe!

Put your party hats on...I'm turning 27!

Wednesday March 25th, 8pm

81 S. 6th St (corner of Berry)
(look for small brown sign and single blue light)
Bedford L, or JMZ to Marcy
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Latin and Brazilian music, dancing, caipirinhas, mango/guava margaritas, mojitos...and ME! What more could you ask for?

DJ BLT and DJ Teen Wolf (of Ninjasonik): Spinning Funk, Soul, and Brazilian flavors.

Must know: Bar doesn't open until 7:30pm. Cash only...average drink is $5, specialty cocktails are closer to $8, but well worth it.


CJA Mixer / NYC Edition

If you are a creative...join CJA on Facebook, then RSVP to this event.

CJA Mixer / NYC Edition
B.East Lounge @ Broadway East
Look for the secret buzzer: 171 East Broadway, NYC
Monday, March 23rd 7 – 10pm

"Up next for the CREATIVE JOB AGENCY MIXER TOUR is New York City. This time, we’re kicking off new careers and partnerships at the amazing, amazing B.EAST Lounge hidden underneath Broadway East restaurant. It’s uber-cozy, incredibly sexy, and best of all, perfectly suited to intimate one-on-one networking.
CJA member drink specials and no admission fee help keep things easy on the wallet, while a mix of New York’s most talented creative talent, art directors and agency peeps ensure this is a gathering worth your time.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Via PDN...

How photographers are starting their careers

Cherry Tavern

Speaking of living economically...I will be at Cherry Tavern tonight enjoying a Tecate and tequilla shot combo for $5.

E 6th St btwn Ave A and 1st

Loving their profile on NYmag.com...

"The Cherry Tavern allows the unpretentiously thirsty to carry on with excellence the vanishing East Village tradition of shooting pool, getting drunk, getting phone numbers and going home. Poker-playing-dog pictures, '70s porno-mag-style wood paneling and furniture just comfortable and sturdy enough to keep you off the floor make this tiny room so loser-friendly it's hard to believe you're not in Red Hook..."

Pep Talk....

New York life has become a little stressful...winter blues are hard to shake when its still cold, and the economy is pitiful. And as most are aware, a tight cash flow = less drinking, no eating out, no shopping, and staying away from covers and admissions...boooring.

Many nights have been spent at home a) because every time I step outside I spend money, and b) because it's still fricken cold out there! This has lead to a lot of spare time devoted to work, which is fine because I love my job, but it also means not enough time has been spent enjoying this amazing city...and that makes me sad.

That said...this weekend, I'm starting my workout regime, getting a hair cut, going shoe shopping, and perhaps dragging out the camera (which has by now gathered an inch of dust) and starting up a new project.

Life can still be sunshine and roses during a recession in New York, you just have to find the most economical way to make it happen!

Nerd Alert

Recently came across this spot on Glossy.

An IT genius over in London built a computer out of 24 256 MB flash drives, 6 TB in total, which basically makes it the fastest computer like...ever. Over 2000 GB a second! The computer opens 53 programs in 18 seconds, and rips a DVD in 0.8 seconds...0.8!

I'm in awe.

Rachel Levy

Came across an interesting blog yesterday...rachel-levy.com. Rachel blogs about topics pertinent to social media, job searching, and networking.

Topics include "How to build a following on twitter", "Using social media for a job search" and my favorite "How to network effectively".

Some interesting and informative reads, if I might say so.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My 27th birthday...

13 days and counting!

(March 25th for those that failed 1st grade math)

Stay tuned for details!!!


This is almost too hard to pass up! And yes, there is a ladies artificial mustache category.

"Whether it’s a full-on Grizzly Adams, a soul-patch that hasn’t decided what it wants to be when it grows up, a classic ‘70s porn ‘stache, or the Satanic stylings of the Van Dyke, facial hair is back, back like Mickey Rourke and skinny jeans. The NYC Beard & Moustache Championships returns. Attracting facial hair enthusiasts from all parts of the country and their devoted fans, the event is part variety show and part to-the-hairy-death competition to determine who’s sporting the most badass growth.

The only question that remains is, on Saturday, March 14th, what do you have better to do?
Categories: full beard natural, freestyle beard, recession/lay-off beard, moustache, goatee, sideburns, patchy facial hair as well as an artificial category for the ladies. This is your day to take home the gold ($500.00 CASH PRIZE)!

What else? - Out-of-the-ordinary Entertainment:
Cheap Sunglassezz -the ZZ-Top experience The New Familiars -good ol' beards that hail from NC Curtis Eller's American Circus - the original 'stache from 2006NYCBMC Beards of Comedy Comedians - bearded humor at its finest Gypsy Gyrls Burlesque and more... *A portion of the proceeds generated from NYCBMC will benefit Locks for Love*

When: Sat. 3/14 @ 8 PM
Competion Registration @ 7 PM (form available on http://www.NYCBMC.com)
Where: Public Assembly - 70 N. 6th St. Brooklyn
Tix: $15/in-advance http://www.smarttix.com, $20/door

Also on Saturday...

I'll be swinging by... a) because it's 3 blocks from my apt and b) because the bearded buy in the flyer looks like my homie posso from Mpls (it's really not).

DJ Dirrty from Baller's Eve on eastvillageradio.com and RBizzle are holdin down the 1&2's at Enid's this Saturday. Prepare to get gully and crunk with the usual Saturday night crowd.

Enid's - 560 Manhattan Ave (@ Driggs) in Brooklyn
L Train to Bedford
G Train to Nassau Ave