Saturday, March 22, 2008

NYC Vintaging, Part 1:

Flores Antique Clothing (Grand St, near Lorimer, Williamsburg).
Great shoe collection...a TON of boots, a decent size rack of belts, a large collection of dresses (although most oversized), and fantastic handbags.

I picked up this gold clutch for myself...which I have to assume someone was hiding for later, considering I had to dig to find it, and wow what a fantastic find...for a mere $20!

Tokio 7 (7th st btwn 1 & 2nd ave). Female and male attire. Designer label consignment store. Not much to see here imo. Small, crowded, overpriced.

Beauty Crisis (7th st btwn 1st and A). Female attire. Very 50s and 60s retro. Great coats and clutches...and jewelery, lots of fab jewelery and accessories.

Cheap Jacks (5th ave and 31st st). Men's and womens. All eras, all seperated by rack. Some very over the top dresses and gowns...rad place to check. Large shoe and belt section. I scored these amazing purple pumps, which fit perfectly I might add, for a mere $45.

Next week: Repop, Beacon's Closet, Buffalo Exchange and Rags a Go Go.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Things I love about nyc, Part 1:

• The sound of a saxophone in an empty subway platform.
• Delivery trucks plastered in graffiti.
• Walking two blocks and overhearing conversations in 5 different languages.
• Fresh flower and produce stands on every corner.
• Pizza by the slice on every block.

Happy hour monday...

Location 1: Barcade, Williamsburg. $1 off taps and cute nerdy boys playing an eye contact version of footsie with me.

Location 2: The Alligator Lounge, Williamsburg. Around the corner from Barcade on Metropolitan. Can't pass up a FREE 12" pizza with the purchase of a beer.

Location 3: Rapture Lounge, Astoria. Late night happy hour on Mondays featuring $5 martinis and 80s music. Also home of one of Astoria's finest bartenders, Jeff, who generously offered myself and the roomate a pineapple infused vodka shot...yum.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Meet my new boyfriend...

His name is Barcade. And he is one rad dude.

Not only does this place have one full wall and two corners of classic arcade games for a quarter per play, but they also have a plethora of delicious microbrews on tap, at a decent price mind you.

Approximately 20 minutes combined was spent with Galaga alone last night. I believe I even beat my high score. Of course after my third beer I had to move onto mario bros and arkanoid...something that required a far less concentration.

You will be seeing much more of me Barcade...oh will.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mstrkrft is playing at Studio B in Brooklyn on Friday...unfortunately it is sold out.

Thankfully Crystal Castles, at Studio B on the 25th, is not sold out, thus where I will be spending my 26th birthday.

Also, Todosantos has an upcoming show in Brooklyn on the 28th...stay tuned for more on that action.


Yeah...I know this blog is supposed to be all about life in new york city and such...but a proud auntie could not resist.

Happy 1st birthday my little munchkin!