Wednesday, July 30, 2008

APA NY Summer Social


August 9th @ The Yard

Slideluck Potshow

Slideluck Potshow: This Saturday August 2nd, at McCarren Park Pool.

For details: Slideluck Potshow

To RSVP: Join the network.

summertime has arrived:

Checked out Brooklyn Bridge Park last week. Currently they are expanding the park from a mere 12 acres to 76 acres of lawn space. During my Thursday night visit I had a chance to check out the waterfalls, have delicious fresh fish tacos, and was treated to a surprise display of fireworks.

Attended the Siren Festival in Coney Island the other weekend. Hipsters, port-o-potties sans toilet paper, $5 beers, a gorgeous sunny day, and great music = awesome times.

Last friday attended a showing of Powaqatsi accompanied by live music from the Philip Glass Ensemble, at the Prospect Park Bandshell. If you're not familiar with the film...definitely check it out.

This was followed by a Sunday at Long Beach. Sun was shining and the waves were amazing. I woke up the next morning with a wicked sunburn but it was totally worth it, cause mamas got a tan now.

And last but not least...worked a gig at Tavern on the Green in central park on Saturday, after which I proceeded directly to the Beer Garden in Astoria to join my neighbor for mucho cervesa. Where, I might add, I met a make-up artist as well as a product designer for Coach, both of whom I plan to do some serious testing with.

Okay I lied, that wasn't the last thing...

Myself and Erika attended the fort greene flea market on Sunday and I scored a fantastic teal green jumper.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

MILK, after thoughts

the wait: hour and a half, but worth it
the crowd: good mix of the overly fashionable professionals and beer guzzling hipsters.
the space: packed, more kegs than I have seen in one location, ever.
Fu manchu: rocked it
skateboarders: awesome
bull rides: didn't have the nerve

best party I've been to thus far.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


What: Milk Studios' 10th Anniversary BBQ
Where: Milk Studios loading dock, 449 West 14th St
When: Thursday July 10th 7-10pm
Why: DJ Belinda, performance by Fu addition to the usual networking opportunities parties such as this one present.

ps: saw no mention of RSVPs...assuming none are required.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Much thanks to Rich, I obtained access to the Zink Mag party last night.

Met a couple people. Drinks were free. Djs mash-ups were great. And the crowd was friendly, not to mention uber cute and trendy.

Pretty awesome when you consider my longtime love for Zink and my desire to work with them in the future.