Friday, March 13, 2009

Pep Talk....

New York life has become a little stressful...winter blues are hard to shake when its still cold, and the economy is pitiful. And as most are aware, a tight cash flow = less drinking, no eating out, no shopping, and staying away from covers and admissions...boooring.

Many nights have been spent at home a) because every time I step outside I spend money, and b) because it's still fricken cold out there! This has lead to a lot of spare time devoted to work, which is fine because I love my job, but it also means not enough time has been spent enjoying this amazing city...and that makes me sad.

That said...this weekend, I'm starting my workout regime, getting a hair cut, going shoe shopping, and perhaps dragging out the camera (which has by now gathered an inch of dust) and starting up a new project.

Life can still be sunshine and roses during a recession in New York, you just have to find the most economical way to make it happen!

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