Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Thursday night filled with art, creativity, and inspiration...just what the doctor ordered.

Attended the opening of Ryan McGinley's photo exhibit at Team. The place was wall to wall with adorable young hipster types...Ryan is supposedly the new hot up and comer, recently featured by Nylon. Ran into Wojack, and connected him with Richard Gary whom I met up with at the show.

After standing on the street at the packed Team gallery, Richard whisked me off to DUMBO, where he acted as my personal tour guide of the studios and galleries in the area. Note to those not in the know...every first Thursday of the month, several DUMBO galleries open their doors to the public and host opening receptions for artists and photographers...a must for your to do list.

Front Street Galleries This location is host to numerous galleries. Here, Richard introduced me to the head of PDN, who's wife runs The Klompching Gallery which was exhibiting the beautiful work of Sarah of my fav exhibits of the night.

The Nelson Hancock Gallery was showing a fantastic exhibit by Mark Marchesi.
Smack Mellon is simply a rad space, and worth checking for that reason alone.
phBooks was closed, but I will be back.
Pochran Studios was the last studio stop and by far the best. And omg, has a rooftop with THE most amazing view of the city. Here I met...a brilliant retoucher, the curator for Pochran, and the photo director for Mass Appeal Mag. All great connections to have down the line.

And all thanks to my new friend, and mentor, Richard Gary.

Him and I closed down the night with a few glasses of wine at Superfine, a hipster bar/restaurant in DUMBO.

A near perfect night out with hopefully many more to come.

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