Tuesday, October 21, 2008

All sorts of fun little goodies this week surrounding this years PDN Photo Expo.

Openings, awards, parties, and networking galore...do people actually go to the trade-show??

"Transit" Alexi Lubomirski opening @ Milk 6-9
(rsvp required)
Erwin Olaf artist talk 6:30 @ Aperture

Photobook Now Meetup event 6-9pm @ New Museum
Blackbook Magazine party @ LeRoyale

Lise Sarfati opening 6-8 @ Yossi Milo
Amy Elkins opening 6-8 @ Yancey Richardson
PDN Self Promo Party @ Splashlight (rsvp required)
Kodak PDN 30 Party
Monty Isom Self Promotion Party

PDN Pixel Imaging Party @ Splashlight
(rsvp required)

I will be attending at least 6 out of 10.

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