Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Summation of the past few days:

Gray Scott: Graphic, and simple set. Beautiful lighting as always. Totally rad seeing him in action, as was expected...although I found that he is a very pompous man, which was not so expected.

Raya: French Fashion Photographer. Elaborate, moody set. Great chemistry, everyone involved was fantastic...despite the slight language barriers. Very cultured set...a few Parisian, one German, one Argentinian, and one Israeli.

Antibes, small French restaurant owned by a young 25 yr old man from Tel Aviv, catered a fantastic spread complete with bagels, muffins, cheeses and fresh fruits for breakfast; and salmon, chicken penne, potatoe puree, and green beans for lunch. Some of the best food I have ever had on a photo shoot. Quite the change from the greasy pizza on the Gary Scott shoot.

Taking my chances on a non-paid job led to working with a brilliant set designer, seeing one of my fav photographers at work, a few new assistant friends, and set construction experience to add to my already resume.

Set for Raya...

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