Sunday, May 11, 2008

Last Wednesday...

7pm: Attended Jose Picayo's crowded opening reception at Robin Rice Gallery with Rich.

Here I was introduced to the daughter of the one and only Irving Penn, a legend and master of still photography. Such an honor.

8pm: Walked over to a party at Industria with Miss Penn, Rich, and fellow photogs and friends Mimi and Andrew. The champagne overfloweth.

9pm: Found myself poolside with Rich and Andrew on the rooftop of the members only Soho House.

10pm: Fantastic Thai food at Republic.

11pm: Nightcap at Underbar at the W hotel Union Square.

Followed by a very picturesque, dimly lit, quiet walk around Gramercy Park...and I do mean around. You require a coveted a key to get in this park.

Try to beat that for a Wednesday night...just try.


Eric Holm Photography said...

Sounds like my kind of party...I miss my kind of parties.

Darby Ballis said...

Yum... Republic is good stuff.