Friday, June 13, 2008

The longer I am in this fabulous place that is New York City, the less time I seem to have to keep up with this blog. I don't know how people do it!

Between working, networking, socializing and time spent on the subway, it leaves little time for much else.

Began attending a monthly photo meet-up of all female assistants/young budding photographers. Good motivator to keep myself shooting every month.

Things may soon be changing on the job front...more on that later.

Mom came to visit last weekend. Aside from doing and seeing everything that makes you a complete tourist (a new yorker makes for the best tourist guide btw), we attended the Trec party where she met my photo assistant homies and drank for free, joined Richard for drinks at the elite Pego Club, which became a 4am night for mom (she was the one insisting to stay out), and had a fantastic brunch at Superfine in dumbo. Quite the first New York experience for mom, if I do say so myself.

Tomorrow I will be going home to Minneapolis for a full 10 days. No work (well maybe just a little), no networking, no schmoozing, no crowds, no noise. I'm looking forward to it.


oishiimomo said...

I'll see you here in the minneapple then, hopefully. As far as the blog goes, I find time to do it at work between clients, while they are processing, or in the early morning at home. (I probably should be doing dishes instead, but ahhh...) Thanks again for the inspiration buddy! - Mack

everybody's buying vintage said...

Love your blog! Found your profile over on MySpace and I'm glad I checked this out!
Very cool!