Wednesday, August 6, 2008

August 15th - 27th: Time to refocus and reenergize

Seeing as how slow times have left my employer unable to keep me on full time, she has been kind enough to offer to purchase me a plane ticket home to Mpls.

Being unemployed, for the most part, I figure what better time to go home, enjoy the silence, enjoy the company of my family, and get away from the chaos of the city, and the overwhelming stress of looking for new work on a daily basis.

August is a slow month in the industry and from what I've heard, improves greatly in September. I shall send out a batch of resumes before I depart and upon my return have people lined up to offer me work. That's the plan anyways.

So Mpls, I am returning once again. Not sure how much of you I will see...I will be busy enjoying pool time with my nieces, spending a day or two at my favorite lake, attending my hometown county fair, and devoting time to working on my fine art photography...

And I'm really looking forward to it.

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oishiimomo said...

lets finally meet up on our home turf... xo-Kenz