Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Life in nyc is a bit intense at the moment, which is strange because I actually feel rather calm.

Currently looking for work and a new apt/roomate simultaneously...not fun.

Tomorrow I will be meeting with a guy over at Papa B about redesigning my website.

My personal photo project is coming together nicely, and I recently made friends with a freelance writer who is willing to write my artist statement in exchange for drinks.

Another friend has offered to print the images for Talman and Monroe at no cost.

Also, photo season seems to have come into full swing, and very quickly I might add, and I am yet again miss networking and socializing extraordinaire. Attended a large handfull of openings in the last two weeks, including David LaChappelle, and made a fair amount of connections. At the rate I am going, by this time next year I will know the nyc photo industry in its entirety. Kinda kidding, but not really.

Tomorrow night, agency party. Friday night, a friends photo showcase.

So in case you are wondering, life in nyc is still pretty much fantastic, regardless of the hardships.

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