Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Final Post before the New Year!

Recap of 2008 (condensed version):

• January 29th, finally took the plunge and made the move to NYC on a whim, jobless, with 3 suitcases and a temporary home. I was 12 when I first saw myself living in NYC.
• 2 days after the move, assisted a fashion photographer during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2008. Fashion Week was a place I had wanted to experience since I was a young teen obsessed with runway images.
• Assisted amazing set designer Brian LeBreque on a Gray Scott shoot. Gray happened to be one of my favorite fashion photographers at the time
• 1 month after the move, landed a job as a Studio Manager for Luciana Pampalone
• Luciana happened to know one of my favorite still life shooters, Richard Gary. Long before my move to NYC I was a loyal follower of Richards editorial work in Zink and hoped to work with both him and the magazine someday.
• Richard and I met, and formed one of the most amazing friendships one can have, and continue to have to this day.
• Landed a position as a Rep at Marnie Rose Agency. The same agency who happened to represent the Photographer I was currently working for.
• Obtained a great new apt in BKLYN
• Had my very first group show at Talman + Monroe.
• Along the journey...I have met and shook hands with the same brilliant and talented photographers I look up to, have been to more parties, photo openings, and events than I can list in this page, and have been lucky enough to acquire some of the most amazing friends a girl can have.

Power of thought is a beautiful thing.

Special thanks to...
Richard Gary, Luciana Pampalone, Jennifer Graylock, Erika Hokanson, Jeff Denton, Charley Pardon, Gabi Herman, Kara Brodgesell, Aaron Lampell, Manjari Sharma, Andrea Patton...for the friendships and opportunities.
Aaron Wojack...for providing hometown love when I needed it.
MILK, Splashlight, Bathhouse, PDN, APA...for the parties.
Soho, DUMBO, LES...for being my playground.

Tomorrow I am off to Mpls for two weeks of hometown lovin'. Can't wait to see what NYC has in store for me when I return!


Manjari Sharma said...

awesome recap... thanks for your friendship too janessa! You have brought many smiles to our faces

gabriela said...

Janessa- what an amazing recap. You go girl! Can't wait to see what 2009 has in store for us.